OPS 2024 Exhibitors

Important dates for exhibitors/booth admin:

Exhibitor badge registration - opens April, 2024 (booth admin will be sent a link to register their team)
Booth assignments - assigned in April, 2024 (sponsors receive the benefit of selecting their booth space, which will occur prior to April)*
Exhibitor kit - available to booth admin in April 2024


*Interested in becoming a sponsor to receive the booth selection benefit? Please reach out to Dana Davis dana@organicproducenetwork.com. 

4Earth Farms
68 Produce, LLC
A&A Organic Farms
A.V. Thomas Produce
Altar Produce LLC
Andersen Organics
Anthony Vineyards
Atlas Produce & Distribution Inc
Awe Sum Organics
Bako Sweet
Bard Valley Date Growers
Bay Baby Produce
Beachside Produce, LLC
Berry Fresh
Berry People
Better Produce, Inc.
Bluebird Mountain Organics
Bolthouse Fresh Foods
Bonduelle Fresh Americas
Bonipak Produce
Boskovich Farms, Inc.
Bostock New Zealand
Braga Fresh Family Farms, Inc.
Bridges Organic Produce
Cache Produce
California Giant Berry Farms
Cal-Organic Farms/Grimmway
Caputo & Guest
CCH Citrus
Central West Produce
Charlie's Produce
Chelan Fresh/Joyfully Grown
CMI Orchards
Coke Farm
Columbia Basin Onion
Columbia Basin Organics
Creekside Organics, Inc.
D'Arrigo California
Del Rey Avocado Co.
Divine Flavor, LLC
Dole Food Company
Domex Superfresh Growers
Double Date Packing
Duda Farm Fresh Foods
Duncan Family Farms
Envy Apples
Farm Fresh Direct of America
Field Fresh Farms
FirstFruits Farms
Four Seasons Produce
Four Star Sales, Inc.
Fowler Packing
Frank's Distributing
Fresh Solutions Network / Side Delights
Fruit World Co
GEM Pack Berries
Giorgio Fresh Company
Giumarra Companies
Good Farms
Good Sense
Gourmet Trading Company
Gourmet Xpress
GreenFruit Avocados
Grupo Athos
Highline Mushrooms
Hippie Organics
HMC Farms
Homegrown Organic Farms
Honeybear Brands
iDeal HarBest
Ippolito International
IPR Fresh
Jacobs Farm del Cabo
King Fresh Produce, LLC
Kings River Packing
Lakeside Organic Gardens, LLC
Lipman Family Farms
Liv Produce
Live Oak Farms
Local Bounti
Martori Farms
Mastronardi Produce
McDaniel & Chirico Worldwide
Mission Produce
Monterey Mushrooms, Inc.
Morning Kiss Organic
Mother Earth Organic Mushrooms
Mother Raw
Mountain View
Mushroom King Farm
Natalie's Orchid Island Juice Company
Nature Fresh Farms
Nature's Choice Produce, Inc.
Naturipe Farms
Nichols Farms
North Bay Produce
North Shore Living
Off Shoots Brands
One Banana
Onions 52, Inc.
Oppy / Eco Farms
Organic Harvest Network
Organically Grown Company
Organics Unlimited
Pacific Coast Trading, Co.
Pacific International Marketing
Pacific Trellis Fruit / Dulcinea Farms
Peri & Sons Farms
Phillips Mushroom Farms
Pretty Lady Vineyards
Prima® Wawona
Prime Time International
Procacci Brothers Sales Corp.
Progressive Produce
Pure Flavor®
Pure Palm Produce
PureFresh Sales, Inc.
Rainier Fruit
Red Sun Farms
Revol Greens
Robinson Fresh
Sage Fruit
Scattaglia Growers & Shippers
So Good So You
Soli Organic, Inc.
Suja Life
Sun Belle Inc.
Sun Pacific Marketing
Sunkist Growers
Sunview Marketing International
Tanimura & Antle
Taylor Farms / Earthbound Farm
TerraFresh Organics
The Flavor Tree Fruit Company
The Salad Farm
Tom Lange Family of Companies
Touchstone Pistachio Co.
Trinity Fruit Sales
Twin River
Valliwide Marketing, Inc.
Veg-Fresh Farms-GoodLifeOrganic
Veg-Land / JBJ Distributing
Viva Tierra Organic
Wada Farms Marketing
Washington Fruit Growers
Western Veg Produce
Westmoreland Sales Topline Farms
WestPak Avocado
Wholesum Family Farms
Wholly Guacamole
Wild River Fruit
Wilson Produce
Windset Farms
Wish Farms
Youngstown Grape Distributors, Inc.